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SnowTiger Seminars

Seminars to Unleash Your Inner Warrior

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Upcoming Seminar 

May 21st 2023 @ 8AM

D&S Karate Dojo

11200 Scaggsville Rd. Laurel, MD 20723


Hosted by Grandmaster,
Lee Cunningham.

SnowTiger Fight-IQ is governed by the “3-Second Kill” concept. The SnowTiger Fight-IQ implemented is centered around this concept as this is the way SnowTiger Practitioners train

In the next seminar, we will cover...

Bringing the world's most elite tactical skills instructors to military operators, law enforcement, MMA and the general public:


Whether you are a military operator, a police officer, FBI Agent, Skip-Tracer, Bounty Hunter or security professional, there are going to be moments in the course of duty that you may need to handle a violent offender, unarmed. Too many times the severity of these situations are underestimated or (in the case of law enforcement) there is an over-reaction. Most violent combat scenarios develop quickly, without warning and before you know it, you are in a fight for your life, without a weapon and all you have are your body-weapons.


This is where SnowTiger comes in. Our technical and tactical application of extremely violent techniques to end a life-threatening encounter, gives our students an advantage that is superior to the aggressor. If you are an MMA competitor, you want to minimize the damage done to you, while winning the bout. The application of superior tactical measures to end the bout quickly should be your goal.

A Range of Combat & MMA Seminars



Edged & Blunt Weapons

Learn to defend yourself against knife, stick, club & baton attacks, not by simply running away, but by attacking the attacker, allowing you gain control of the situation. You will also learn how to properly carry, deploy, and utilize your edged or blunt weapon, empowering you with the knowledge to always stay in the fight.


Prisoner / Perp Handling, Arrest & Control

Our arrest and control seminars, we teach operators how to deal with compliant, non-compliant, or openly hostile individuals, whether solo or in pairs. In arrests and similar situations, it is always important to know what your partner is going to do. This can avoid blue-on-blue situations. Our easy-to-learn tactics and techniques take the guesswork out of these tense situations and help you keep a level head while maintaining situational awareness and control.


Tactical Counters

Our 'tactical counters' seminars empower operators as they learn how to counter common-control positions such as the collar tie, clinch, guillotine, and much more utilizing pain compliance and joint manipulation. These techniques can easily be turned into a more forceful and damaging counter used to subdue or neutralize an adversary.



Counter Ambush & Control

Learn how to defend yourself when surprised and backed against a wall from standing and ground positions. Students will acquire the skills to quickly regain their balance, defend strikes and takedowns, and then control and defeat all threats.


Tactical Striking

Be tactical and deliberate when you need to strike. This seminar teaches the operator how to use basic strikes used in SnowTiger with other unconventional striking techniques. We show our students how to quickly solve potentially dangerous encounters and control their adversaries


Multiple / Mass Attackers

Operators quickly go over the fundamentals of a multiple-attacker situation , as well as conduct near full-speed drills in a multiple-attacker scenario. We place you in worst case scenario situations where you learn how to fight you way out utilizing SnowTiger "Mass-Attack" drills.

Our Scope of Training & Seminars

STCS Combat Seminars are the culmination of thousands of hours over decades of intense research and training in physics, psychology, and applied science & geometry to human function under stress. After being acknowledged as subject matter experts for hand-to-hand and to unarmed vs weapon training, the objective became provide a complete application for all types of conflicts. STCS has since been analyzing new threats & developing training programs for elite forces, law enforcement, MMA and the general public and has launched a world-wide campaign to deliver this valuable knowledge.


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Location: D&S Karate Dojo

11200 Scaggsville Rd. Laurel, MD 20723

Phone Messages: 1-301-824-9090

Date: May 7th 2023 @ 8am-11am

Cost: $250

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