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a Complete Combat System

Combat | Self Confidence | Self Defense | Discipline


Our Children's Program is designed to empower kids by developing an attitude to life, a range of techniques that provide confidence & prepare them for life, develops self-confidence and ensures an ability to legitimately defend themselves 

Women's Self-Defense

Learning defense of the self against a violent, brutal attack is an empowering process and a reassuring feeling that gives confidence to the woman seeking the assurance that whenever, wherever and against whoever, she can defend herself, no matter what


There is no art that comes close to the efficacy of SnowTiger. As a complete combat system, it is considered the proverbial "Kill System", used primarily by assassins, as the combatant is able to engage and eliminate the target within 3 sec.



Developed and used centuries ago by the Mongols, and their military class, the Chinese government allowed the development of the SnowTiger art as part of their battlefield combat, only to have it eventually sequestered under the guidance and protection of Shaolin. Today, while taught to select segments of the military on the US and US allies, it is primarily offered as a Special Forces training program.


Police departments are required to always consider

use of force and issues related to excessive force. SnowTiger has been taught to many police departments, globally and it's 'less-lethal' program is perfectly suited for application to the needs of law enforcement.

Sport | MMA

Less-Lethal application of the 'gross motor skills' element of SnowTiger technique is perfectly suited to the needs of the MMA fighter. Keeping the opponent at bay, mitigating being hit and ending the engagement quickly are all of the benefits of application of SnowTiger in MMA.

In order to join SnowTiger, please fill out the form below with your contact information and one of our authorized instructors or admin reps will reach out to you and guide you to either an instructor in, around or near your area (state, city or country), or depending on your experience and skill, you may be assigned to train directly with a Master Instructor, Senior Master Instructor or the Grandmaster:

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