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The Tiger is skilled at close quarters [in-fighting], the Tiger specialists are known for their ripping and tearing techniques as the Tiger likes to maul the opponent and overpower him with a barrage of multiple strikes, both hands and feet. The Tiger System is a strong style (good for stockier, larger people, to use their strength) and attacks in a straight line, rarely ever retreating. It throws an opponent one direction, and then uses the opponent's momentum against him. The Tiger strikes multiple times at the same cadence, blocking and striking simultaneously, overpowering the opponent with techniques and power. It is the most intelligent animal of the system and always outwits the opponent, getting them to react to the planned outcome.


Strengthens the bones. Relies on frontal assault, aggression and power. Lots of breaking, ripping, and tearing. Movements are short and forceful. The tiger fights fiercely, rending, tearing and breaking any open space of skin or limb that is left unguarded.

TIGER is the most aggressive and dynamic of the Animals. He is an attacking Animal that uses the energy of a misapplied defense to crush his enemies. His techniques are savage and frightening. It is not easy to secure permission of a Tiger Master Instructor to study Tiger because it is not enough to learn the moves of a Tiger -- you must show that you have the character and courage to use them.

A Tiger does not just use the claw. He rarely defends (he usually does not need to). He has only limited kicks, as the upper body, knees, head and limbs are his primary weapons. He can place the palm of his hand on a tree trunk and, forming the claw, tear furrows into the tree, ripping the bark away. A Tiger claw, as a strike, can literally crush the chest. He can break necks, twist the head off, break the spine in 3 places at once.

The tiger with its latent power and majestic bearing has inspired the development of an aggressive and powerful style of combat. Tiger System is a "hard fighting style" characterized by courage, strength, ferocity and aggression. The tiger is known for its powerful claw and great external strength and agility. Tiger training will produce tremendous strength in the bones, joints and tendons.

Many of the exercises are designed to strengthen the back and spine as well as the arms and forearms. The great strength comes from a twisting of the body and using the ground to develop powerful blows and kicks. Many of the blows and kicks are delivered from the bow and arrow stance and the horse stance. Tiger attacking techniques overwhelm the opponent like a charging tiger overcoming its prey; the student will develop the prowess of an attacking tiger. This mental attitude will help the student deliver as well as take the powerful blows of an attacker.

In legend, Tiger was used by several great heroes (in literature), who only had one arm and won epic duels. He often puts Iron Body into every square inch of skin surface exposed to danger. The Tiger system of SnowTiger emphasizes strength, power, and cunning. Kicking, striking, clawing, breaking and grabbing techniques are employed by the Tiger stylist. Specialized training methods designed to develop these attributes and techniques.

Tiger System

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