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Not wanting direct contact (or the possibility of a brawl), the Cobra is instinctively quick & angular in the prosecution of technique and approaches attacking & defensive technique from the most obscure angles and body positions, relative to the opponent. The fastest of the animal systems, it is capable of striking and “injecting venom” at least six times within one second, ensuring that a ‘kill strike’ is hidden within at least one of the strike repertoire. As it prefers not to engage and make direct contact with the opponent, the Cobra System practitioner is taught to kill with one strike, targeting directly, with uncanny precision, nerve centers or clusters. As a nerve system animal, the Cobra attacks with multiple strikes that are so fast it is impossible not to be hit, or defend effectively, only to be struck with a kill-shot that is never seen. Nerves and nerve centers are attacked with extreme precision, targeting vital points designed to cripple motor, nerve and vital functions of the body.

​The Cobra practitioner trains to develop single strike blows that can blind or deafen the opponent, using a ‘knee-up’ approach in its motion forward, it advances and also employs quick, snapping arm breaks - especially breaking a punching arm or kicking leg -- rather than just blocking it, it will strike the incoming extremity and render it useless. The Cobra system practitioner trains by striking & exploding ping pong balls for speed, power and accuracy, boards for focused power and later on, stone with just one of the two main weapons (knuckles - index and middle) that represent the Cobra's Fang. Cobra strikes are not just an attack to the eyes, or nerve centers, but one that can hit a man's chest as hard as with a fist, and with only one knuckle, but with more penetration and PSI delivered.

The striking system is extensive and detailed incorporating ‘extreme velocity’ striking methods, including which, knowledge of the nervous system is very detailed. While the Python trains to damage a large area on the body, the Cobra's trains to attack a much smaller (medium) areas on the body, but more deeply. The Cobra practitioner trains to employ a special hiss, which acts to place the Cobra specialist in a state of self-hypnosis-like body-numbness where there is no pain during the fight. The Hiss is also designed to exert an hypnotic chill of terror on the opponent and often immobilizes and affects actions by itself alone.

The Cobra system relies not only on speed and accuracy, which are critical for the execution of cobra strikes, but also in its ability, once in, to ‘inject the venom’ by the debilitate infliction of pressure by the middle knuckle to targeted nerve areas. Cobra seeks out small, well defined targets and vital points, with the raised knuckle used for quick strikes to the eyes, temple and side of the jaw area. The Cobra system also comprises long-range techniques which are employed by the toe of the foot (with shoes on) in the same manner and speed as you would see a cobra coiling back and lashing out before its deadly strike.


Target areas are the nerves behind the kneecap or lashing kicks to the kidney or spleen and to the vital point of the neck.

Cobra System

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