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Viper System

A more linear striker than the Cobra, the Viper is a point to point fighter that tends to beat the opponent to the shot or strike directly off the block or parry. As the proverbial counter striker, the Viper hits hard and fast, never wasting time with fancy techniques. It gets the job done quickly and moves on. By adopting the fluidity of the Viper allows the specialist to entwine with their opponents in defense and strike them from angles they wouldn't expect in offense.

VIPER has single high-speed techniques designed to combat more than one opponent. The pain from the screams of one so hit has a terrifying effect on that assailant's companions. His actions look a little like the Cobra, but is short, fast, confusing, ever-changing, arising out of a seemingly peaceful placid position where the Cobra explodes into the enemy's face or body.

His training focuses on medium range. His body weapon conditioning focuses on medium range strikes. The Viper is a counter-fighter and must be able to strike an opponent with substance-breaking power with a flurry of moves (3 to 5 moves in a second from the same hand, or 2 to 4 moves with both hands in a second). This is applied to multiple kicks as well. The Viper uses Viper 'hiss-breathing' to momentarily numb pain when struck. His whole body is not toughened, but rather he learns to send his (Chi) mental force to an area for an instant to absorb and repel an attacker's strike.​

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