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Military Specialty Training

SnowTiger focuses its military training on target acquisition, containment and elimination by using quiet (no firearms) or loud (use of firearms and other ordinance) force to obtain another objective than the current target. Stealth techniques & camouflage methods are employed along with the application of cover & concealment and distraction concepts.

Combat technique application to the military theater is quite unique and specific in concept. The activities of military combatants is one in which the combatant is at war and is always in a 'do-or-die', 'my life or yours' type of engagement scenario. This means that the techniques required, when use of the firearm isn't possible, are designed to inflict immediate and horrific violence upon the enemy, without mercy, without consideration and with only one goal, the quick-kill approach.

These types of techniques involve bone-breaking [shattering anything you make initial contact with - wrist, forearm, rib cage, trachea], coupled with nerve attacks and disabling techniques (blinding, choking strikes [disrupting the airways], taking the legs [breaking the knee, shin, ankle], taking the balance and, if you have a blade > filleting the opponent's extended extremities)

Combat Technique Application:

1. Neutralization

2. Power Skill (the drive phase - strike to disable)

3. Application of Kill Technique (strike against resistance)

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