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Eagle System

The Eagle is a majestic animal. With its imposing wingspan and piercing talons, the Eagle’s techniques are debilitating and hard to counter as they spread out and violently slam into the opponent’s defenses. The Eagle practitioner is always confident in a latent ability to overcome the opponent with speed, skill, technique and power.


Eagle system is an animal style derived from the grappling arts of Shaolin. It relies on very powerful seizing, pinching, twisting, and locking techniques to immobilize or punish an attacker. Eagle stylists work hard on developing their grips to facilitate application of painful locks and nerve pinches. Like Jujutsu, Eagle employs leverage and joint manipulation to defeat an opponent.

Eagle system enables an expert to blind a person totally, and for all their life by attacking certain points in the arms, chest, neck or legs that are seemingly miles away from the eyes. He can time a leg strike to the second that will release a special clot to travel to the brain, blinding an adversary. This is because the Eagle is a ‘Blinding Master’, with weapons that can directly blind and go through wood obstructions and reach the eyes to do it. His striking weapons are so effective that broken bone fragments from blows are commonplace and will work into the nerves as they hit, destroying an opponent with his own needle fragments, as it were.


His system is the king of grips and controls. The Eagle style was often used by police in China to escort two or three criminals to prison. The Eagle could paralyze 5 or 6 people and leave them there while he went to get help. Only he could return functions to the paralyzed parts of the body. The Eagle toughens the fingers and grips all sorts of ways. Every grab of an Eagle paralyzed the limb or even part of the chest or back it grabbed.

He is an expert in escaping from locks, holds and throws. He is also an expert in applying locks, holds, and throws. He will often match blindfolded. Some of the highest ranks in the Imperial Guard employed Eagles as Team Commanders.

He knew what pressing every nerve in the arm, leg, hand or ribs could do. His blocks against punches could shred flesh off an attacker's wrist. His accuracy was legendary. His Iron Body applied only to special regions. By leaving some areas unprotected, the protected areas could be 4 times the normal strength Iron Body confers on these organs. His study of maneuvering in battle was profound. The training can be a test of will and endurance because it requires such intense focus of mental concentration.

The Eagle system of SnowTiger emphasizes grace, balance, and focus. Quick kicks, slapping, finger strikes and breaking are all used by the Eagle stylist. Specialized training methods designed to develop these attributes and techniques.

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