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Bull System

The student of the Bull System mimics the animal’s behavior by charging, head forward, elbows piercing and rotating in circular motions. The techniques are unstoppable once allowed to begin and does not end until the opponent stops moving, in typical fashion, as does the Bull in the wild.

While the Bull practitioner uses elbows, knees and the head, much like the Boar practitioner, it also uses the forearm and shin in a combination of relentless, figure-eight type attacks that are menacing in approach and downright scary to the opponent as an overwhelming onslaught is impossible to avoid. The Bull never stops and much like the Boar, never backs up. When it attacks, it charges and does not stop until the opponent can no longer move or shows signs of life.

The Bull would let you hit him hard, regardless of injury, sacrificing a part of himself, if he knew that the pain and force of the blow would not stop the technique he would launch at a physiologically weaker area or organ, that could not survive a single attack. Therefore, you would never want to trade blows with a Bull practitioner. The Bull’s willingness to take a hit to win often results in him being the least damaged in a death-duel. The mindset of the Bull is one of stubborn, violent intent to 'impale' its opponent and its techniques offer a brutal realization of the futility of any decision to combat this type of practitioner.

The Bull practitioner has typically a large, muscular or stocky physique and physiologically has suppressed nerves under layers of muscle. Tying to use nerve techniques would not typically work on this type of fighter and kicks to the thigh or body shots are welcomed by the Bull practitioner as those areas are ready sacrifice that allows him to range close-quarters and impale the opponent with its horns (elbows).

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