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  • Where did SnowTiger originate?
    Shaolin, China
  • Where did Dr. Hill learn SnowTiger?
    Some say Shaolin, others say here in the US from a Shaolin Grand Master, named Dao Chuk Ping
  • Is SnowTiger only taught to the military & law enforcement?
    For many years, yes, but today SnowTiger implements a 'less-lethal' set of techniques taught to the civilian class and sports like MMA; Select, specialized programs are structured for and taught specifically to the law enforcement community with 'use of force' issues as central to the training curriculum to mitigate 'excessive force' claims and specialized techniques are formulated for Special Forces and other select military units such as Marine Force Recon and Navy Seals where combatants encounter violent attacks and are either not able to use their firearms or the attacks is close-quarters and so violent that accessing their weapons is not possible.
  • Where can I learn SnowTiger?
    Interested students can learn SnowTiger from the following locations & instructors: Gaithersburg, MD - Grandmaster L. Cunningham To reserve private training, please email:
  • Why is SnowTiger so different from other martial arts?
    SnowTiger was originally, (and still is) an art taught only to assassins. It was developed to be used by assassins and taught only to the military class in China. As a 'military science', arising out of a need for excellence & immediate effectiveness in violent combat, techniques were developed to result in death within 3 seconds, without the use of weapons [guns, knives, swords or spears]. Understanding body weapons and vulnerable parts of the anatomy were vitally important and the training method was and still is today, specifically designed to accurately employ lethal strikes that are indefensible. The techniques are solely oriented toward the 3-second kill approach.
  • Who did Dr. Hill teach and who was he taught by?
    Because of the brutal effectiveness of the style, in the late 1970's Dr. Hill was prohibited from teaching civilians the lethal techniques of SnowTiger and then focused on only his work at the CIA where he worked officially as a lawyer, but unofficially as a "Non-Official Cover" operative or 'NOC' and taught their NOC operatives. Dr. Hill was the only non-Asian to study SnowTiger in Shaolin and did, after a while, teach a select handful of students in the U.S. after his return from China. At the time of his death Dr. Hill had several students who had trained with him over many years, including many at the American Bando Association, Isshin Ryu Karate and "The System" Kung Fu club. After Dr. Hill's passing, Mr. Cunningham became the sole authority to carry on the full scope of teachings of SnowTiger as directed by Dr. Hill. During the time of Dr. Hill's hiatus from teaching (in the late 1970's), he learned from a Chinese SnowTiger grandmaster living in the United States. This grandmaster prohibited Dr. Hill from teaching to Americans. Dr. Hill eventually went back to teaching, including spending an inordinate amount of dedeicated time with Grandmaster Cunningham. Dr. Hill died without a specific succession plan in place.
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