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AND THEIR VIOLENT 'KILL SYSTEM' KNOWN AS, "SNOWTIGER" ……a look into the mysterious and clandestine organization that has perfected the ‘three-second kill’…… unarmed.

Modern Sport Fighting Competitions, seen on TV and within arenas globally, have commission imposed rules & time limits, so competitors are required to apply a strategy that is similar to a marathon runner in order to pace themselves throughout the duration of the fight, 5 minute round to 5 minute round, looking for methods within the confines of the rules that can achieve submission or a knockout of the opponent.


In stark contrast, combat or ‘kill systems’ like SnowTiger, apply a strategy similar to a sprinter, seeking to close the physical gap of engagement and achieve the objective with immediate results, typically within 3-seconds. This is achieved by assessing the environment (situational awareness & threat awareness with a speed plan) to achieve the objective or eliminate the threat with immediate results.


What you’re about to read is the first true revelation of the ancient assassin’s society from China and its kill system known as “SnowTiger”. Originally taught only to the military class in China, shrouded in mystery and secrecy for over 3,000 years, SnowTiger is still today, one of the world’s most secretive societies; once a society of assassins; today a brotherhood; once a "kill system", today a combat specialty, taught to military, law enforcement and private military contractors (or PMCs).


The art is encased within the practice of nine lethal animal fighting systems or methods. Each animal system extracts the physiological, psychological, and emotional characteristics of the animal and the practitioner reflects the intent in combat (originally to kill or for assassinations, today for self-defense, self-preservation and in the defense of freedom) by expressing the violent characteristics of the animal in the system being practiced.

This combat art is known in Shaolin as “SnowTiger” and is practiced here in the United States as the “SnowTiger Combat Systems”, headed by its current Grandmaster, Lee Cunningham. Introduced in the US by Dr. Bob Hill in the sixties, Dr. Hill is reputed to have trained under monks from Shaolin, learning the ways of the SnowTiger combat art, only to eventually teach it here in the US to a select group of students until his untimely death in 1982 when current Grand Master, Lee Cunningham took over as head of the system and entrusted holder of the secrets of the SnowTiger. Dr. Hill was claimed to have been originally taught by one or more Shaolin Grand Masters after years of practicing traditional Shaolin Kung Fu.

SnowTiger practitioners were widely rumored to have been connected to an ancient Chinese organization of assassins that were reputed to have given rise to the Japanese Ninja & Korean Hwa Rang Do Warriors. The ‘Vagabonds’ as they were sometimes called, that taught ninja families and stayed in Japan were called Yamabushi Mystics and Shugendo Warriors. SnowTiger practitioners are thought to have been among the first warriors of the Shaolin Temple that the Shaolin monks learned animal system combat from; they have permeated governments, politics and business at levels that are hardly ever spoken of and abjectly feared.

The most interesting element to the organization is how it’s been transformed into a peacekeeping organization, with its warriors and practitioners being stalwart upholders of freedom and justice, each with an extremely high moral constitution, believing that their ethics should guide their both lives and missions. Current & past practitioners and instructors emerge from law enforcement, the military and private security organizations; strategic government organizations such as the CIA, FBI, DHS, SWAT, & several tactical police and military departments apply SnowTiger training (commissioned as "civilian instructors") to divisions and select individuals within the Army, Marines, & Navy (including SEALS & Force Recon) and former Blackwater (now Academi) and G4S contractors, including PMC firms such as SIA.


The animal systems practiced within the SnowTiger Combat System are the Boar, the Bull, the Leopard, the Tiger, the Cobra, the Viper, the Python, the Eagle and the Ghost (of the SnowTiger). Each one, a separate and distinct system within itself. Each one, lethal. A separate system known as the 'Vampire' is also practiced, which specializes in knife combat.

Each system is effectively designed to subdue or terminate the opponent within three seconds of engagement. It is and has been, for over 3,000 years, hidden; with techniques passing only from teacher to student…… nothing written, no real public reveal to speak of, until now.  Some consider it the most deadly system of combat in the world; others say it’s too complicated for mainstream practitioners of the martial arts and takes too long to master. Initially used purely for assassination, it is now used to defend our freedom by teaching military and law enforcement personnel; its secrecy, rivaled only by that of its effectiveness.

The combat system has a very simple block should result in the opponent able to use the limb, in other words, break everything you block; similarly, no strike should result in anything but death or severe incapacitation. Waste no strike, every block should break. Otherwise why are you engaging in combat? This is NOT a competition (sparring) style, although there is a subset of the system that can accommodate sport enthusiasts like MMA; this is a combat art, pure and simple. 

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