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Combat Training

SnowTiger Combat involves threat / target elimination by use of deadly force with or without firearms with application in military and para-military situations.

The practitioner is taught to assess the situation by environmental awareness first, the enemy's stance second then the application of secondary and primary strikes to neutralize and eliminate the threat and possibility of defense or counter-attack.

SnowTiger combat training is structured to quickly teach the combatant in preparation for battle or war. The techniques are violent in nature, getting to the kill technique quickly and with consideration of the opponent's opportunities for defense or counter, evasion or escape. The training involves the practice of techniques and methods designed to prepare the combatant for the suddenness, violence and bloodcurdling essence of combat, preparing the student for the realities of the feeling of striking various types of targets on the human body, cutting into flesh, the preparation for the slippery feel and smell of blood, the reality of being attacked, the feel of the rush of a 200 lb body against yours, the feel of being hit, how to quickly recover and how to eliminate the possibility of being hit.

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