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Weapons Training

SnowTiger Combat has a weapons school, dedicated to training its students in all forms and types of weapons, whether armed or unarmed. While the SnowTiger art has been primarily focused on teaching assassins how to eliminate targets without weapons, the system has both direct lineage to historical weapons used in martial arts, and to modern weapons, used by U.S. special forces (both hand-wielded weaponry and firearms). These weapons include; combat knives, club, baton, walking stick, kukri knife, karambit, various types of swords, short stick, (jo-staff & escrima), bo-staff, specialty weapons, improvised weapons, pistol, shotgun, rifle, assault rifle, and more.


Our Grandmasters (current & past) including several of our senior instructors, have taught many law enforcement and military organizations, including various Special Forces, as well as several within the organization having worked for CIA, DHS and FBI SWAT. 

Training with weapons at STCS is nothing like the flashy acrobatic weapon forms and choreographed sets you see in mainstream Kung Fu, Wushu, or other traditional martial arts that use weapons and practice forms that are traditional without application to modern combat scenarios. The weapons curriculum at STCS is a fully immersive traditional military training program with direct lineage to the battlefields of China, and application of weapons for true and actual combat. Additionally our special forces weaponry (combat knife, club/baton, firearms, and kukri) has been taught to our students since the mid 70's by our Grandmaster. Even in the current age of firearms, our weapons program teaches applicationare commonplace and their training in combat martial arts is a must, as most any man with intent to kill will pick up an object to use as a weapon. 

Weapons Training Curriculum


  • Traditional Weapons

  • Specialty Weapons

  • Special Forces Weapons

  • Firearms Training

  • Throwing Weapons

  • Improvised Weapon Training




  • Short Stick

  • Club

  • Walking Stick

  • Police Flashlight

  • Kukri Knife

  • Karambit Knife

  • Other weapons (household items)


Weapons Techniques & Forms


  • Knife Defense

  • Stick Defense

  • Gun Defense & Attack

  • Knife Defense & Attack

  • Stick Defense & Attack

  • Gun Defense & Retention

  • Flashlight Form

  • Knife Form Pt.1

  • Knife Form Pt. 2

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