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Moves like the wind. The Ghost is known for twirling & spinning motions, uses the momentum and whipping motion of the spin against the opponent. It uses movements and strikes from many other animals, and is difficult to predict. The Ghost of the SnowTiger is feared more than any other single animal style in the system as it pulls techniques from all the animal systems and delivers them in ways that can never be seen, predicted or detected. It really is like fighting a ghost as the practitioner spins, twirls and evades attacks while simultaneously delivering strikes in ways that seem invisible to the opponent. All they feel is being struck and the force of the blow is debilitating.


Historically, SnowTiger practitioners of the Ghost were the assassins of the system. They would enter castles or other compounds of their target and be required to eliminate guards or other military personnel quickly, quietly and without weapons which involved moving very fast along narrow hallways or pathways, striking their targets and spinning around them to move onto the next target. ​

​Switching quickly from one animal system to the next and blending the animal systems within the execution of an attack repertoire became a necessary specialty in order to deal with multiple opponents of varying sizes and abilities. Ghost practitioners mastered each animal system and mastered the seamless transition from one animal to another with impressive effectiveness.

Whereas most martial arts, including MMA, typically must stop one method (such as striking) in order to switch to another method (such as grappling), Ghost practitioners are able to transition between striking & grappling simultaneously without having to go to the ground to achieve an effective grappling result.

Ghost System

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