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A supple & rhythmic endurance fighter. The Python, fluent and strong, it will wrap your limbs, destroy your balance, and use crushing, gripping hand techniques. It likes to get in close and use grappling / throwing to bridge a takedown technique, then move to suffocation. With the Python, there’s always an auxiliary; if the opponent slips out of one grip, the Python specialist always has a backup already planned. A master technician, the Python practitioner is constantly thinking and looking for the opportunity of a definitive submission.

Python is a SnowTiger animal art utilizing sheer crushing power. It is defensive (this does not mean that it waits for someone else to strike the first blow), but that it amplifies the mistakes an opponent makes with terrible consequences to any attacker who is not already highly-skilled. It is a system of fighting on the ground second to none. In China, once the Python fighter got you to the ground there was no hope for you. Python specializes in suffocation, strangulation, etc., just like the real snake, which means it can cause collapse of the lung cavity, unconsciousness and even death by applying blood stoppage techniques to your body without ever touching your throat or neck.


The Python practitioners of old China would toughen their hands more extensively than many other Animal styles. Bricks, wood and concrete are only some of the substances that are broken; springs, cables, and weights are needed to develop its prime body weapon, which is the hand.


The Python system is the only combat grappling system of SnowTiger. The system has been designed and time-tested in forests of China by the Chinese military & their assassins during the many wars fought in the region. Consisting of less than 20 core techniques in total, the Python system is highly adaptive in that certain subsets of the techniques are designed to specifically accommodate individuals of different builds and attributes, although the python practitioner is normally of a larger build. Typically an individual Python practitioner will not have more than a dozen grappling techniques in their arsenal. In addition to traditional empty-hand grappling techniques, the Python also emphasizes grappling techniques offensively and defensively with short and medium length stick weapons. It is widely known in China that the Japanese, having transacted and trained with the SnowTiger over centuries, took techniques from Python and created Jujutsu.


Python System

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