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Professional MMA

SnowTiger Combat Systems has painstakingly reviewed and adjusted its combat training curriculum to apply less-lethal techniques in the creation of its Sport / MMA training program. MMA occurs as a competition among two competitors that is conducted in a restricted area (a ring or cage).  There are rules e.g. acceptable techniques versus unacceptable techniques.  There is a quantified scoring system (points) where one competitor can win by successfully applying techniques that correspond to a score within the scoring system.   It is possible for a competitor to win, loose, draw or get disqualified based on the rules and the scoring system.  The objective of the contest is to score one competitor the winner and the other the loser in an environment where neither competitor sustains appreciable  / residual injury.  The contest is scored by judges who are on site and has a referee in the "ring."

Application of SnowTiger technique in this environment is very specific and carefully taught so as not to cause permanent or catastrophic (fatal) injury to the opponent of the SnowTiger MMA participant.


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