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Boar System

The student of the Boar System is taught to use elbows, knees, the shin and the head to affect a brutal and violent attack that cannot be resisted. The Boar student never backs up or retreats. The practitioner will rush & execute a barrage of techniques, simply to hit you with that one kill shot...the elbow.

The Boar System characteristics are courage & relentless charging, consisting of short and mid-range linear techniques, e.g. elbowing, kneeing, head butting and grappling. The mid-range technique are employed by kicking with the shinbone to the thigh, ribs and head areas and the use of the fist with upper-cuts and hooks like the tusks of the Boar.

While the Boar specializes in elbows, knees, the head, shoulder and hips, his thumbs are also toughened to dent metal. His techniques often kill because the Boar System specializes in combat with more than one opponent. Blows are repeated and directed to single, very vulnerable areas guaranteed to instantly immobilize by organ rupturing, bone-breaking with one move so that the other lightning-quick blows can put down attackers with no delay. The Boar rushes, is a linear striker with violent combinations and a non-stop barrage of techniques. The Boar is one of the most feared of the animal systems. Simple rule….don’t let it start.

The practitioner’s training involves running and jumping high and attacks from positions of absolute unpredictability or seeming helplessness. He uses a special muscle-locking system to aid him in executing and absorbing a combination of blows. He uses a special muscle-tension system called locking, adapted from both Snake styles, Eagle and Leopard to give him a combination of strikes with substantial power.


The Boar system of SnowTiger emphasizes tenacity, aggressiveness, and quickness. Elbow, knees, head-butts, quick footwork, rolling and low kicks are employed by the Boar practitioner. Specialized training methods designed to develop these attributes and techniques.

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