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STCS Specialized Training

Specialized Training Curriculum

SnowTiger shall begin, in the fall of 2022, the global SnowTiger Symposium, inclusive of special training sessions known as “SnowTiger Secrets”. These symposiums will become the most important event for any SnowTiger student, as they will allow students the opportunity to have one-on-one, direct instruction with SnowTiger Grandmaster, Lee Cunningham and for students to push themselves to limits never before achieved, through intensive training periods from three to four days in duration, with several practices each day.

These Special Training sessions will be the most demanding and strenuous mental and physical experiences of the SnowTiger student.

The beginning student will be allowed to attend Special Training with the consent of their instructor, based on physical condition and knowledge of kata, moving basics, reading, response drills and sparring. During the longer Special Training sessions, closed practices are held for black belts and brown belts in addition to the general practices.

The individual will be given the opportunity to train with a large number of members of all ranks from many dojos, who gather to increase their self-awareness through this rigorous training. The event will be held in a large facility where students will be able to share the common experience by living, eating, and training together. Separate facilities will be provided for male and female students. Special Training represents an opportunity for the serious SnowTiger student to advance both mentally and physically. No drinking, taking of drugs, will be tolerated.

In line with the martial arts tradition of “what you begin you must finish,” one may not leave Special Training until it is officially over without the permission of the Grandmaster. Any student who breaks this rule automatically loses his membership in STCS, and will never again be allowed to practice with any STCS dojo. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule.

Weapons Training


  • Traditional Weapons

  • Specialty Weapons

  • Special Forces Weapons

  • Firearms Training

  • Throwing Weapons

  • Improvised Weapon Training



  • Iron Palm​

  • Locking

  • Makiwara



  • Coconuts

  • Ice Blocks

Tactical Firearms Training

Tactical Firearms Training

STCS partners with some of the country's leading firearms training companies, such as Academi (formerly BlackWater) 

Whether you are in the military, law enforcement, or are a private citizen, Academi is there to assist you in the very best in quality, firearms tactical and safety training. Join other STCS Students and Instructors in the 2020 events. See dates below to register for the events now. Space is limited, don't wait.

Combat Shooting:

  • Combat Reality shooting program

        - Basic Pistol

        - Combat Pistol

        - High Threat

        - Basic & Combat Carbine


Close Quarters Combat / Battle: (CQC/CQB)

  • Disarming Techniques

  • Trauma Scenarios

  • Scenario based training

  • High Risk Operations

  • Life Fire

  • Low Light / Close Quarters


Weapon Retention:

  • Police Officers, CCW holders, Military Officers

        - Secure Holster

        - Ground Fighting

        - Target Striking

        - The Gun Grab

        - The Life & Death Struggle

        - Post Retention Dynamics

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