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Current Grand Master
Lee Cunningham

Current Grand Master / Master Technician: Lee Cunningham


Grand Master of SnowTiger Combat Systems is Lee Cunningham, a 40 year veteran of the art, having practiced martial arts (as of 2022) for over 58 years. Grand Master Cunningham also trained in Shorin Ryu, Tae Kwon Do, Bando, Judo, Aikido, Shotokan, Gogu Ryu, Kenpo and Wing Chun (including Tiger & Crane Kung Fu) before being exclusively taught SnowTiger by Great Grand Master Dr. Bob Hill, who introduced the SnowTiger System to the United States.

Mr. Cunningham's Martial Arts career began at age 10.  The first subject of study was Shorin-Ryu—approximately 1.5 years.  This subject was taught on adhoc basis where sparring/fighting was emphasized over all other components of practice. The next subject of study was Tae-Kwon-do—approximately 1.0 year.  The subject was taught a curriculum where the emphasis was on floor pattern / moving basics and sparring.  Forms were de-emphasized. The next subject of study was a southern form of Kung-Fu (mixed with SnowTiger)—approximately 5.0 years. 


Sparring/Fighting was emphasized exclusively.  Instructor’s rank equivalent to the Blackbelt was earned.   The next subject of study was Bando (Burmese/Myanmar)—approximately 3.0 years.  Conditioning, Forms, and Competition was emphasized.  Blackbelt was earned.  During subsequent years, was elevated to Seventh (7th) level Blackbelt.

Mr. Cunningham's study of The SnowTiger System, under Grandmaster Robert W. Hill Jr., was over a period of 14 years of direct instruction and an additional 31 of study, development and expansion of the style.  The curriculum during direct instruction consisted of Sparring, Combat, Self Defense, Hunting, Weaponry, Floor patterns, Forms.  He earned his black belt during the course of instruction with Dr. Hill.  He was subsequently awarded elevation to 10th degree and Master Technician, based on time and skill.

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