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Past Great Grand Master
Dr. Robert (Bob) Hill

Past Great Grand Master: Dr. Robert Hill (aka Dr. Bob Hill)


Dr. Bob Hill was widely known to have trained in and taught a select group of people a very secretive 'kill system', known as "SnowTiger". Unfortunately, Dr. Bob Hill died suddenly in 1982 from complications related to his battle with Polio. Born in 1940, Dr. Hill contracted polio @  age 10 (contracting the virus from water in a private swimming pool at a friend's party); his father was a renowned surgeon, who sought to help boost his son's confidence and strengthen Bob’s lower body by having him taught various types of martial arts which found Hill eventually training in Shaolin Kung Fu (taught by Alan Lee), Isshin Ryu and Bando after travelling to Shaolin, China where he learnt SnowTiger, amongst other arts.

Dr. Hill was one of the original 18 Black Belt instructors initiated into the American Bando Association & Brotherhood in 1968. At this time, Dr. Hill was already a 6th degree Black Belt instructor in the Okinawan Isshin Ryu Karate system, and also an instructor in The SnowTiger System. He was widely known for his unique ability to strike & break boards, coconuts, bricks, and balloons with his hands, fists, elbows, or kicks.


Because of his affliction with Polio, moving naturally wasn't possible and so he walked with a definitive limp, but had an amazing ability to quickly cover distances from 3-20 feet in an extremely short period of time, including delivering extremely powerful strikes to all parts of an opponents body.


He was, to say the least, eccentric and eclectic in his training methods and regimen, and he commanded great respect from martial artists from every venue, style, or system; as did many of his outstanding SnowTiger students and fellow Bando practitioners. He was a doctor of law and worked in the intelligence community for many years, operating in Clandestine Services and Special Operations.


Dr. Hill was a great man, a great practitioner of the martial way and the world is missing of a phenomenal example of what a true martial artist is... 

Dr. Bob Hill in the 1970s

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